Remodeling & Additions


Remodeling jobs can be as simple as painting a room or replacing the faucets in the bathroom. They can also be as complicated as tearing down walls, moving a window, or adding an entire level to the house.

These more complicated remodels are known as structural changes. With any structural change, the homeowner needs to be assured of the level of service and knowledge that goes with their renovation.

Examples of common structural renovations that we provide:

In Remodeling, it is important to have an understanding of the original structure, the way it was meant to withstand external forces and how your work may affect that structure. We work closely with homeowners to have a cost effective process from beginning to end, an onschedule completion of the job and a company that stands by its honesty & integrity on each job.

ABC Construction Building is the premier residential extension/alteration design – building in The ACT. Since 1984 we have developed a reputation for reliability honesty and quality in the residential extension sector. ABC Construction Buildings will design, organise all relevant approvals and build your home extension to the highest quality. Over many years (being solely dedicated to the residential design and build sector) we have developed comprehensive computer-based systems that enable us to deliver a worry-free quality extension and alteration. Our design system enables you to see your extension, as it will appear the day we give you the keys. Whatever type of residential extensions or alteration you are considering we will work closely with you to provide expert design expert design and construction to suit your changing lifestyle. We have extensive experience in providing accommodation that is adaptable, flexible and practical to meet the needs of residents of different ages and abilities over time.